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With Most of cybersecurity schools provide either theoretical, academic or skills not needed in the job market right now. We in MalTrak provide practical hands-on training and courses that teaches you the most demanded cybersecurity skills in the job market right now

What The Job Market Needs

We provides you with the most needed skills in the job market right now.

From Threat Hunting, Cloud, Red Teaming and everything else to make you one the top candidates applying for any job

Full Hands-on Training

We cut the fluff and deliver a full hands-on practical training. We focuses on the type of tasks you will do in your future job and the practical skills you need.

Also, we prepare you for any technical interviews for any high-paid cybersecurity job you are targeting

Direct Support & Mentorship

Do you get courses and get stuck half way through them? With us, we got you covered.

You will get our direct support throughout your training. From a dedicated Slack channels to bi-monthly Q/A Zoom calls to ask the questions directly to our experts and get the needed answers and insights


Malware has become the top threat leading to data breaches according to FireEye Cyber Trendscape Report 2020 which could cost up to €20 million in fines, or up to 4% of the annual worldwide turnover of the preceding financial year, whichever is greater.

Small & med-sized businesses are not far from the threat. 22% of small-med-sized businesses that experienced a ransomware attack ceased business operations immediately and 55% of them that lose data become unprofitable within 30 days.

(Sources: HelpNetSecurity & Better Business Bureaus 2017)

We equip cybersecurity professionals with the most needed in-depth practical skills in the job market right now


In-Depth Investigation & Threat Hunting

4 days | Beginner/Intermediate

This live hands-on training focuses on in-depth investigation through the logs, memory and digital forensics artefacts to detect, investigate and hunt for the targeted attacks, APT attacks and ransomware attacks

Hands-on Malware Analysis & Incident Response

4 days | Beginner/Intermediate

With the rise of APT attacks, ransomware, and spear-phishing attacks, there's a huge need for malware analysis skills to analyze, investigate and contain such attacks. This is a practical malware analysis training full of hands-on labs and exercises to help you analyze and contains malware attacks & targeted ransomware attacks.

Practical Red Teaming: Adversary Simulation & Malware Development

4 days | Intermediate

This training focuses on developing cyber weapons that can evade AV detection, EDR logs and forensics traces like how targeted ransomware attacks do, and provide you with insights on how to improve your organization's overall detections and security posture



Malware Incident Response Training (MIRT)

40 Hours | Beginner

The zero to hero training for building your expertise in malware analysis & incident Response. This online pre-recorded training will take you step-by-step, with lots of hands-on practice, enabling you to learn malware analysis in a quick and simple training.

In-Depth Red Teaming: APT & Adversary Simulation

24 Hours | Beginner/Intermediate

The in-depth offensive training that will help you build your own cyber weapon and test organizations' security defences against real world APT attacks.

Cybersecurity ATTACK & DEFENSE: Foundations

4 days | Intermediate

This training will give you the fundamental skills and the roadmap you need to build a successful career in cybersecurity. It covers red teaming through a hands-on module on how a real attacks look like and how you can simulate them, covers blue teaming through a hands-on exercises on incident response process and lastly malware analysis and fileless attacks.

This training will help you decide which speciality you are more interested to pursue later.

Amr Thabet

Amr Thabet is a malware researcher and an incident handler with over 10 years of experience, he worked in some of the Fortune 500 companies including
Symantec, Tenable, and others.

He is the founder of MalTrak and the author of "Mastering Malware Analysis" published by Packt Publishing.

Amr is a speaker and a trainer at some of the top security conferences all around the world, including Blackhat, DEFCON, Hack In Paris and VB Conference. He was also featured in Christian Science Monitor for his work on Stuxnet.

His mission is to help security professionals all around the world to build their expertise in malware analysis, threat hunting, red teaming. and most importantly, protect their organization's infrastructure from targeted attacks, ransomware attacks, and APT attacks.


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