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Andrew is now an IT & Cybersecurity Specialist in a Law Firm

"I only have been in the program for a few months and I'm already getting interviews for what I'm considering a high paying jobs"

- Andrew Glaz, IT & Cybersecurity Specialist

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Vivek was able to land a Security Engineer Job in Amazon after one of our training

What helped Vivek the most in his interviews was the practical skillset he learned in our training and how he did showcase these skills in his resume as we coached him to do

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AbdelRahman Yasser landed a malware analyst job in Trend Microafter enrolling in our training for few months

"We mentioned in our interviews as our background for digital forensics and malware analysis that we are studying your course and they appreiated that"

- AbdelRahman Yasser, Malware Analyst at Trend Micro

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Amar landed a Senior Malware Analysis Job in Cyfirma as his first job in cybersecurity

"You have inspired me and given me the strenth to achieve my goals"

- Amar Kondraju, Senior Malware Analyst in Cyfirma

We helped Lee show himself as an Expert in front of his Manager and colleagues

"Every single page of this book is like a goldmine of information"

- Lee, Senior Incident Handler & Cybersecurity Consultant

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Grant recently landed a digital forensics and cybersecurity analyst job in a rising startup after our training

"It changed the game for me in my career transition process from emergency medical care into cybersecurity"

- Grant Knoetze, IT & Cybersecurity Specialist

And much more ...

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